How kaizen is taking productivity at TGO to a new level

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Hi There,

This month, the spotlight is on how TGO is investing in workplace upgrades that bring even more value to your projects.

It’s all part of our culture of success built on continuous quality improvement, the kaizen approach that makes us better today than yesterday, and even better tomorrow.

Frankly, I can’t help but smile when I see LEAN manufacturing at work and how it allows TGO team members to tackle projects with greater confidence, creativity, and efficiency.

I think you’ll smile too when you see how these efforts add up to more quality for your project, including these four lean improvements currently in the works:

  • Digital project tracking in real time. We’ve invested in hardware and software to take us to a paperless environment. This allows an entire project team access to up-to-the-minute project information. For example, a team member in the shop can scan a single part and instantly see a 3D-display of an entire cabinet and all its associated parts. What’s more, we will have the ability to track project progress throughout the shop to completion … in real time.
  • Switch to brighter LED lighting. We are upgrading our shop lighting to LED lighting. This will not only increase quality control and safety, but enhance productivity and our ability to meet deadlines. It’s a great example of a non-process improvement that can pay big dividends.
  • Provide a training library. Our desire to “grow our own” has led to creating a woodworking library for employees coming in on the ground floor as well as a video library for those interested in becoming engineers in the future.
  • Remodel to enhance work flow. Soon we will be remodeling our office space to improve collaboration and work flow.

Like all things in life, the key to project success is preparation. Thanks to our kaizen approach, we can set the stage for the entire TGO team to add even more value to your projects.

Until next time, think LEAN!

Liam Dunn

P.S. Check out my 1-minute video as I walk you through our Finished Prep Department and showcase some of the LEAN improvements that are taking productivity at TGO to a new level.

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