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Hi There,

This month, I want to share the results of an exciting process review meeting to showcase how LEAN thinking brings added value to our customers.

For this meeting, the team gathered to talk about a long-standing product line that we felt was successful … until we applied LEAN thinking.

So there we were, the fabricators brainstorming with project managers, the purchasing folks added their two cents (pun intended!), and me, working hard to keep the Kaizen flowing.

After a lively session lasting only 30minutes], the team came up with several ideas to improve our current process that are now in the planning stages.

Take a look:

  • Replace labor with higher quality materials. By using solid wood throughout instead of several reinforcement pieces for screw holding, we can eliminate additional labor processes … and pass the savings on to our customers.
  • Improve batch sequencing. By coordinating the production and custom aspects of a project along with specialty material lead times, we can create a better work flow for on-time delivery … which always makes customers smile.
  • Standardize store types and categories of millwork. By creating a design- friendly, plug-and-play system of components, we can help our customers standardize typical projects, making the process stress-free and, dare I say, fun.

It all adds up to fewer errors and shorter lead times, but the truly exciting part for me is seeing everyone involved — from the shop floor to the front office — share the same vision for success.

Never underestimate continuous incremental improvement and the power of Kaizen.

Until next time, think LEAN!

Liam Dunn

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