The Great Organization (TGO) was started by two college roommates, Joe Lambright and Vern Mock III, over 30 years ago. The company has thrived while surviving many challenging times. Over the decades, the partners grew stronger in their loyalty to each other and their determination to make TGO great. In 2015, a heart attack took Vern from us, but Joe persevered and created a new leadership team to ensure TGO’s future.

This new team continues to pursue Vern’s commitment to a quality product and excellent service with even more intensity.

Joe’s Vision


“I want TGO to be the best place to work, to attract the best talent and to provide the best service in the country.  As such, I want to provide the most opportunity for our team’s personal and professional development, profits to reinvest and grow and, as just as important, to make it fun!”

– Joe Lambright



The TGO team produces quality custom cabinets by using the most sophisticated training, equipment and work processes in the industry. We deliver exactly what the client wants – when they need it – every time.



Our highest values are quality and integrity. These values allow us to meet, and usually exceed, our client’s expectations, giving them confidence in their decision to choose TGO.

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